Get Involved

There are plenty of ways you can make an impact!

Deliver Books312657055_37f4fa0197_z

You can deliver gently used books to our book bins,or mail them via USPS Media Mail. For a mailing address, visit the Contact Us page.

Donate Money

Monetary donations are always appreciated and accepted.

Donate Your Time

If you’re interested in the cause but can’t do either of those things,we love it when people give their time! No Matter how young or old you are, if you understand and appreciate Reading Recycled, WE WANT YOU!  We’re always looking for volunteers for sorting, book collections and distribution.

We’re working to get books in to kids in the Ambler area,but if you’re interested in starting a similar project in your town, give us a shout and we’d love to talk to you and offer what guidance we can!

Spread the News

Tell your friends about us!  Please use the icons at the top or bottom of the page to share us with your friends.

Contact us to get involved!